Yonit Diani Productions was established in 2000 by Yonit, a graduate of art & photography , advertising and productions studies. The company specializes in marketing and promoting Israeli Theater shows in international festivals and theatres around the world. The shows are produced and performed by the leading theaters in Israel. Yonit collaborates with the Israeli Foreign Ministry who supports and promotes her work. Throughout the years, the different plays promoted by Yonit Diani Productions, have been presented in various local as well as international festivals : Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, China, South Corea, Croatia Poland Russia and received several "Best Show" awards.





"Little Amadeus" by Gadit Cohen   


Description : "Little Amadeus" is a lyrical and musical show that tells the story of the formative years of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who was a child prodigy and grew up to be a genius composer. at the age of 3 Mozart already played the piano and at 5 he composed his first piece, yet most of all little Amadeus wanted to be a normal child and to play outside.
The play is beautifully set and performed by Gadit Choen, an actress who portrays all the characters using puppets, finger puppets and large hats wings. during the play we are exposed to many of Mozart's musical works.
Attached is  a clip :


תוכן פוגע